The following represent examples of Instagram posts created for Cultivate Premium Corporate Gifts. These posts were created for two specific campaigns, IMEX and Holiday. 
The IMEX social campaign is below. For this campaign, we wanted to create an exciting build-up on social to announce Cultivate's presence at the 2022 IMEX America Trade show. To do this, I created a series of 12 Instagram posts that were able to stand alone, but come together into one big grid for our Instagram grand reveal. Here you will see them together as one large grid and design, but if you click on each one you will be able to see what each individual post looked like. 
The next campaign I wanted to highlight was our 2022 Holiday campaign. I created a special holiday brand so that each post that was associated with this campaign had consistent graphic assets across them. (Please note towards the end of the campaign we started introducing new brand colors, which is why the string of lights assets changed). I also incorporated mockups of our Holiday Gifting Guide that we were working to promote. 

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