BIXIB Brushers was the first packaging project at BIXBI that I designed from scratch. While still following the BIXBI Brand Guidelines, I was able to create BIXBI Brushers, designing everything from the bag they come in, to the dental treat itself.
I chose a more basic design for this bag in order to convey a "medical" feel to the packaging. Since this is a dental product, we wanted consumers to think more about the health of their pets when purchasing rather than some of our other more eye-catching and flashy designs. I choose this gentle cascading gradient to add some visual attraction while keeping the focus on the dental chew/medical properties of this treat. I choose the color mint for a similar reason, to remind consumers of their own dental products. 
We wanted this treat to be a "B" to match the BIXBI Brand, so I sketched out concepts for what this treat could look like, one of my digital sketches is displayed below. I also added the packaging as a flat print file in order to see all sides and the printing process including the different plates and cylinders. 
On the right above was my digital sketch of what we wanted the actual treat to look like, including the nubs and grooves, that we sent to the cad artist who helped create the mold. 

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